Little steps really make a difference. Begin preparing your house a few months ahead of time. Here are some essential steps to make a difference in influencing the potential buyer.


The first impression your potential buyer gets is truly important. Begin with the outside appearance weeks before you put it on the market. Capture the interest of people. A clean yard and driveway are essential. Keep the shrubs trimmed, lawn mower and all faux stone in tip top shape.

Stand at the curb and look at your house as if you never saw it before. If you notice any defects in the outdoor appearance, like peeling paint on shutters, fix them now. Are gutters and downspouts broken or cracked? Does your landscape mulch look worn out? Can you see your house numbers easily? Repair cracked concrete or stains in the driveway.

What you want is an instant and compelling appearance from the curb. Perhaps add potted plants to decorate the entrance. Make your house look like a friendly home.

Minor investments give positive results. If your landscaping uses faux stone, check it. This is very important. A dirty or mossy appearance suggests that you do not take good care of your property. If you do not already use faux stone along the entrance to your house, think about adding it now, it adds a touch of class.

Do the same kind of inventory in the backyard. If anything needs repair, fix it now. Prospective buyers drive by your house every day. Make it look welcoming with simple seasonal decorations, potted plants and a refreshing new welcome mat.


Notice everything in your house that you can fix. Fix everything before you show the house.
Repair cracked or broken windows.
Do any faucets or toilets leak? Fix them.
New caulking in sinks and tubs and showers is almost always needed.
Clean or repair the grout if you have tiles.
Paint walls with a light neutral color.
Avoid bright white glossy paint or a stucco paint style. They both suggest you are
hiding something.
Screens or storm windows must be clean and repaired.
Examine your toilet seat. Is it stained, cracked or old? Replace it.
Be sure all of your lights are working fine.


Get rid of clutter before cleaning. Get everything you do not use or need out of the house and either give it away or sell it. Recycle everything you can. Some recycling companies or charities will pick up large items for free.

Deep clean every room in your house. This essential step will involve the biggest
time commitment.
Get your windows sparkling clean inside and outside.
Two critical rooms must be sparkling and spotless: kitchen and bathroom.
First impressions from the kitchen, including its aromas or fragrance of a flower
arrangement on the table, will influence their impressions.
Be organized. Everyone looks into closets, drawers and cabinets.
Keep them either empty or meticulously organized.
That is a sign you have taken good care of your house.

The extra effort you put into making your home picture perfect is worth it. You can feel a sense of pride. Buyers will thank you for making your house feel like a home.